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MSA: Creating Notes for BP

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Dear COlleagues,

Rather than a questions, I would say it is a clarification I need for BP -> Note tile.

When creating new NOte for BP, I have two text types (corresponding and accounting). Now crreated one note with text type "Corresponding" adn saved. Now I want to creat one more note with the same text type. This is not possible as it says "Enter enique combination of text type and language fields".

Is this is the functionality? Can be changed this somewhere to accept two notes with same text type?



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Answers (2)

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In MSA you can definitely do this by modifying business rule brIsNoteLangCategoryUnique. Just modify code in this business rule to return true if a note is being created for a BP.

If you want this restriction to be removed for all objects (BP, Sales Docs etc.) then just remove association of this business rule from BO BONOTE.

Hope this helps.



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Dear Milinda,

This is a standard functionality from SAP. It is not possible to create multiple notes with the same text type and language for any object (BP, Activity, Opportunity, etc).

The check is not just restricted to MSA, this condition is imposed by CRM Server.

Good Luck!!