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Meaning of a greyed-out account?

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Hi all,

When creating a new Lead, and specifying 'Existing account' as unchecked, the Account that is specified in the Lead becomes greyed out.

I cannot interact or click that account, since it's greyed out.

The only way I can use it, is if I go into the Lead, and then use the 'Convert to Account', or 'Associate to Account..' function.

Question is, what does the greyed out account mean? For example, if I start in Accounts, and create a New --> Account, the account is not greyed out. So not sure what the difference is in creating a new account from a New Lead screen versus New --> Account directly.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sandico,

You will only be able to click or interact once the "Test Company" actually get coverted (or associated) to account.

There are business cases where lead need to be created even though there is no account available yet, but later to process such lead it is required to convert it to Account, once it is converted, a Master Data Instance (Account) will be created in backend and in the Accounts view of the Customers workcenter.

The "Test Company" is grayed out because there is no actual instance has been created in the Accounts view or backend.