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Marketing Cloud offer integration to ERP

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Hi experts,

At this moment I have a requirement that is to send Marketing Cloud offer information to the ERP. I understand that the "external campaign execution" and "open channel integration" refers to the sending of campaign data for execution in another system.

In my case what I must do is send the content of the offer (validity dates, products, target group and ID) to some standard fields In the SD module of the ERP through HCI, I would like to know if anyone has information about this or if anyone knows where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Juan,

Theo has already provided you with the right API.

In addition, you should check the API documentation on the API Hub:

The ID and validity dates are in the main entity "offers", the products are in "offerProducts" and the target group is in "offerTargetGroups".

Please mark your question as answered, if my comment helped.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Juan,

Please have a look at the following API: API_MKT_OFFER_SRV

You could create an iflow in CPI calling this API and send the offer content to ERP.

johannes.hirling & tim.nusch could help with more details.