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mapping of billing documents

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Hi people,

I have still some problems and questions about mapping Data

from CRM to R/3.

Our scenario:

We only want use R/3 for FI and CO. Quoatations, Orders and Billing

Documents will be created only in R/3, then billing documents will be send

to FI.

So I made the following subskriptions:

All Business Partner Hierarchies (MESG)

All Business Partner Relationships (MESG)

All Business Partners (MESG)

Billing Documents (MESG)

Is it necassary to made any futher subskriptions?

Is it necassary to replicate material, service products or anything else for

the above scenario?

The BP replications works well, but billing documents are failling to replicate on R/3.

Got the this error.

The R/3 transfer status is "To be Tranfered"

The Account Transfer Status is G "Error Detected in Transfer to Accounting".

The Error Log For Billing is "Object Not Known in CO (Message Class IAOM / No.028)" and "Error in document:( Message Class RW / No. 609 )"

Also checked item category whether "ASSIGN BW/CO" is maintained.

Checked SAP notes too, but no helpful information found.

Are there any documents like the best practice guide for replicating of billing documents


Thanks in advantage. Reward the maximum points for help to solve my problems.

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Answers (2)

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have you been able to solve the issue? We are struggling with the same problem. Any feedback would be appriciated.

Best regards,


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We are working on this. One of our developer told me that

we have to implement the BADI BILL_ACC_IF and initialize

some field in method ENRICH_ACC_DOCUMENT. The problem is that there are no entries in table IAOM_EXT_OBJ_INF.

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Hallo Jenny,

Its important to make the ORg.Model , BP- Debitor , Product transfers, Pricing conditions. Before any transaction to work its necessary to have these things similar in R3 and CRM system.

So make this sure. then check the customizing of the transactions in CRM.

I propose you to check the best practices and see if you have done all things right. Follow it. Yoiu willl have good help.



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ORG.Model is correct in both systems, also involved products and conditions but the error is the same.

In Trans. IAOMA I found the following error. Tried also

an product with an other item category and got the same error. Is there any way to exactly found out what is going wrong? Thanks.


Object not known in CO

Message no. IAOM028


You want to post to the object with technical key 17265684D2B1D64EA60CD50C36DD17F9 belonging to the business scenario CRM Sales. However, there is no Controlling object assigned to this object.

System Response

Processing stopped.