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ISA Customization Technical Issue

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Hi, We are supporting an ISA-CRM installation.

I Know only Java & JSP But not ISA framework.

I just heard a bit about config XMLs, BOs, BEs, etc...

And this is the first issue i am facing.

Issue goes here:

There is custom/extension field called "CTCCode" is implemented for OrderItem which is persisting at backend CRM.

1)Assume a shopping cart, with 3 line items:

Item1 with CTCCode1

Item2 with CTCCode2

Item3 with CTCCode3

2) Now we are selecting the first line item for deletion and clicking update button

3)After this Action, the item info becomes like this:

Item2 with CTCCode1

Item3 with CTCCode2

Can some thro some light how I can approach this issue ... So for, I have opened few custom java classes and JSPs, but not getting a clue.

This field is very important because it determines the price of teh item at IPC

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Murugan,

Have you customize the update/delete functionality in ISA?

I believe that as per standard classes this should not happen.

What you can do is to check the order.jsp and, creates strategy.

Hope this helps.