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Integration with External IDP like, Active Directory

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Hi Team,

I have a requirement,

My client has 2 type of customers

1. Public -  Normal B2C Registered users

2. Employees- They have an employee ID and password and their all access are currently validated with Active Directory or some external system

For PUBLIC Users, They will register in CDC and direct USER validation happen in CDC.

Now, For their employees, have to login with to the system with Active Directory validation.

User will be validated in Active directory, There are two scenarios

1. If The mail id not exist in CDC, User should be created in CDC without any password information. This is just for making all data in CDC and some role validations 

2. If the user already exists, Then, User data, which is coming from Active Directory should be updated CDC


Is there any way to achieve this using OOTB? I saw this documentation, Not sure whether this will be the right approach or not .


Can anyone help me to solve this issue?




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Active Contributor
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Hello @Eldhos,

Yes, SAP Customer Data Cloud as SAML IdP would work for your scenario.

I hope this answers your query.

Thanks and Regards,
Kunal Bansal
SAP CX Solution Architect