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Integration BP ERP / Customers ERP -> CRM BP

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Hi all,

We hace a suscessfully integration of ERP Master Data to an CRM EHP3 via MW, basically standard. Customers are created on ERP and syncronized with CRM, Updates can be done on both systems but usually we only work ERP->CRM

Nowadays we want to start creating BPs on our ERP.

When a customer its created in a certain Account Group on ERP it will trigger a BP on ERP,

They want to mantain the new data related to its new role on crm, but im quite confuse if its posible to have both integration scenarios working at the same time.

Customer -> CRM BP (Pide)

Customer->ERP BP -> CRM BP (CVI?)

And specially the scenario on way back


CRM BP -> ERP BP -> Customer

Does any one of you have worked on this scenario? Its is supported? Can you please provide with some info.


PS: Points and respect will be granted.

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Hi Pedro,

You can check the settings in ECC table COM_BUPA_CALL_FU for event R3OBI.

1. If the function module PI_BP_PROXY_BAPI_CUSTOMER is used, that means the CRM BP is exchanging with ECC customer directly.

2. If the function module COM_BUPA_MAIN_INBOUND / COM_BUPA_REL_INBOUND is used, that means the CRM BP is exchanging with ECC BP directly.

3. In your case, it seems you want the both ECC customer and ECC BP exchange with CRM BP. You could maintain the settings as per the note 1968132 and activate CVI between ECC customer and ECC BP. Then the CRM BP, ECC customer, ECC BP will be synchronized all the time.

Hope it helps.

Thanks and best regards,

Julin Xin