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Infoset with released sales agreements

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I am trying to use the segment builder to extract business partners which is associated with sales agreements with status released. to do this i have created a join with crmd_orderadm_h, crm_jest, crmd_link and crmd partner:

I have created a filter criterion with field crm_jest-stat = I1003 (which is the status for released), and crm_jest-inact = X (active sales agreements have an X in this field, although you should think it was supposed to be the other way round)

When using this in the segment builder these are both working but not together. This means that i get all sales agreements with status I1003, and an X in the inact field for any of the statuses. Example of a sales agreement that i get because it has I1003 and X, but not together:

What I belive i have to do is to link these two fields in some way in the infoset, i.e. with a select, but i am not shure how to do that.

Does anyone have any tips on how i can achieve my task?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ronny,

what you can try is to actually link these two attribute by adding one to the other as a condition. Go to CRMD_MKTDS and select e.g. the status. Go to "Edit Filter Conditions"

And add the other attribute (Active agreement) as a conditions. This way they will always work in conjunction and the user saves a step in the segmentation process.

Hope this helps


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Thank you Nicole, it worked perfectly



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