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In C4C how to query materials by sales org, [and division [and distribution channel]]

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Hi Everyone!

As you know a material can be associated with multiple 'sales data' records, each with Sales org, division and distribuition channel.

We have a requirement where we would like to get a list of materials into a node that match a specific combination of Sales Org. Division and distribution channel. To be clear, we may want to query materials with a sales org, or with a sales org and division.

I don't see any Query in the material object to do this. Am I missing something? I only see Queries by Supplier, ProductCategory, description and Global Trade Item.

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,


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Dear Tiago,

if i understood your requirement you wanted to create a query for the products in system with sales org division however you don’t see these fields in the advanced search.

to do so click on advanced search then click on personalize button on top then choose untitled tab here we have the fields like sales org ID division and distribution channel try add these and then save & publish, now you should be able to create a query of your choice.