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Hybris Tasks Not getting Executed

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HI Team,

This is P1 issue which is impacting our Order Fulfillment process, which are managed by Hybris Tasks and Order Process. Due to this issue the Orders are not being sent to 3PL (fulfillment service) hence customer will not receive the Products, which means we cannot charge the Customer

What is happening?

We are facing issue with the de.hybris.platform.task.TaskService and Task (de.hybris.platform.task.TaskModel) where the tasks are getting created but they are not executed by the TaskService. We dont see any errors on the logs related to TaskService not able to run the tasks. We can see that Task is correctly created in the DB ({Task} model table), however its not executed.

These Tasks are getting created by the Business Process Model (de.hybris.platform.orderprocessing.model.OrderProcessModel) that we are using to manage Order Updates once the Order is shipped.

Work-around we are using:

We specify the Node Group in the Task. And what we found that when the task get Stuck and if we Remove the Node Group (and make it blank), then the Task gets executed automatically. We also found that once we restart the Servers, then the Tasks starts working however they get Stuck again after some time.

Can you please help us with the Below:

  1. Is there any known issue in Hybris which can cause the Task/TaskService to get Stuck not process the Created Tasks. If yes, can you please provide more details on the Issue and what are the steps to resolve the issue
  2. Can you please provide more information on what can likely to cause a Task to get Stuck. And how we can debug issues like this.
  3. Have you seen any similar issue with any other Hybris Implementation. If yes can you please provide more details and how the issues was resolved?

Please let us know if you need any more details on the issue.

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Yes we found in hybris 6.7 tasks would either start a long time after they're supposed to, or never start.

It was fixed by adding this property

# some issues with task engine slow to start is fixed by setting below property
task.polling.interval.min =0

There is some more information on this property. I believe an experimental task engine was introduced, then shelved.