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How to trigger replication of Lead/Opp from c4c to CRM

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Hi Experts,

we are currently working on the Integration of c4c and CRM for leads and opportunities. I am

able to create an Idoc in CRM for leads and opportunities and replicate them to c4c.

However, when I create a lead/opp in c4c nothing gets triggered. I don't see anything in the

webservice monitor. My assumption was that the replication would start right after saving the


Any ideas what it takes to trigger the replication from c4c to CRM?


Nicole Lange

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Nicole,

Check if the necessary scoping is done. And next step is to configure communication arrangements "Lead Replication To SAP Business Suite" and "Opportunity Replication To SAP Business Suite" - Check if outgoing services are enabled and configured with a valid path and host details.


Manideep Satya

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Hello Manideep,

we double checked the communication arrangement "Lead Replication To SAP Business Suite". The outgoing Service "Lead" had been activated. We activated the Service "Marketing Lead" in addition and the replication gets triggered now.



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