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How to transport/translate item of interests?

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As known, definition of item of interests are handled in "Manage Interests" application under Business Management tab of Hybris Marketing UI.

We have done some entries for item of interest in related application, however I wonder how we can translate them..Moreover how to store them under a customizing request so that we can transport them to QA and Production system?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Hakan,

Regarding transport of interests from test to Productive landscape, the app provides the Export/Import feature which should be used.

Regarding translation: this can be done via uploading the translations in csv in different languages. The template supports it.

When one wants to add translations via the app, this can be done when the user logs on in the respective language and then maintain the description of the Interest in that language.



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