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How to find My Team's Accounts on a report

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I need to use "my team's accounts" on a report in order to create a KPI and to use it on some diferent reports.

I tried to find this using the data source Account Responsibility Data, but if I try to find all the accounts where the employee is in My Reporting Line (for Managers) and Me I find a lot of duplicates, as there are accounts where more than one person on my team has a partie role on the account team.

what I want is to find exactly the same number as on the search query "my team's accounts"

do you know how to do this?

do I have to create a new indicator? in order to count only once when the system finds an account where at least one of my team has a partie role? how can I do this?

thanks a lot for your help!


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Hello Ana,

can you give some more detail on the report you are creating? If you are only interested in the accounts, you can display Account ID and not the Employees. That way you won't have duplicates in the result list.

Best regards,

Ana Gándara