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How to download Cross-Selling Conditions from ECC to CRM?

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Hi Folks,

We are using CRM ehp 1 solution and need to download Cross -Selling Conditions and Customising from ECC to CRM just like the way it happens in case of  Product determination/Listing and Freegoods download. But it seems for Cross-Selling, it is neither generating the tables nor i see procedure downloaded to CRM if i use DNL_CUST_CNDALL and relevant condition object download DNL_COND_DXXX .

Further background is that we need to use this functionality in Sales Order in CRM system and this sales order will be later replicated to ECC for further processing besides that it can also be created in ECC directly.

and we are aware there is already something available in SAP CRM called as 'Product Proposal' but still we want it to replicate from ECC to keep the results same in both system without much development/maintenance on CRM side.

Please help us with your experience and knowledge on same.

Thanks for your care and cooperation.



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yes, cross-selling condition records (KAPPL 'VS') are not replicated with object DNL_CUST_CNDALL, this standard object is delivered with filters for the applications supported in CRM (see trx. R3AC5):

KAPPL EQ Equality (= Low) TX

KAPPL EQ Equality (= Low) V

Cross-selling functionality exits in CRM as Product Proposals, see the online documentation at

You will find here how pricing works in Product Proposals.