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How to debug CRM_FM_FPO BDoc and add z-functionality for profit center determination?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Experts,

We are using BDoc type CRM_FM_FPO for fund posting. The scenario is as:

  • When BDoc is generated it creates an FI document (FB03) in ECC.
  • If go to the document number and select the G/L, it displays wrong profit center. So, We have created Ztable to exclude some profit centers.
  • Now, we have to write the code to exclude profit center by using this table for profit center determination while creating FI documents (The origin of this document is CRM).

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Vinay,

Probably you need to find a BADI in ECC or CRM system where you can fit your logic to filter the profit center. You can try below steps -

1. Stop the inbound and outbound queues in CRM as well as in ECC using tcode SMQR and SMQS.

2. Execute the steps in CRM which post the BDOC.

3. Check your entry is stucked in inbound or outbound queues of CRM and ECC system using tcode SMQ1 and SMQ2.

4. Select the entry and start debugging the entry. Put a break point at statement GET BADI.

5. Analyse the BADIs which are getting called and implement the one which suits your requirement.

Second option would be

1. Find the Function Module in ECC which actually doing the Finanace document posting.

2. Get the package/development class of the FM.

3. Go to tcode SE84 and search using this package/dev class.

4. In search result go to node customer exits.

5. If customer exit is found check if can be customized as per your requirement.

Let me know if you need anything further.