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How to configure key figure of type sum?

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img1.jpgimg2.jpgimg3.jpgimg4.jpgI would like to be able to add the column "Objetivo mes" and Use tis with the same behavior that has the standard key figure counter, when I remove the rows it shows the total, but in the case of my custom key figure this one doesn't add up and shows me instead a wrong amount. I Attach a picture of my report with the rows (Img1) and the sum is displayed correctly, I attach another print when I remove the rows (Img2) and the sum is displayed incorrectly. I Attach a picture of the configuration of my key figure (img3), which It is based on another custom key figure (img4).


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Dear Mayda, how are you?

As per screenshots provided, it seems working as expected according to formula of created key figure (i.e. applying calculation for all rows according to formula). It happens because no aggregation has been maintained for the 'Objetivo Mes' key figure. You can refer to these following articles to understand 'Aggregation' functionality.


Create and Edit a Key Figure

If I understood requirement correctly, you can try adding 'Total' for 'Aggregation Type' and select 'Employee' as 'Characteristic for Aggregation'. Then, it would aggregate using 'Employee' as reference instead of applying calculation for those rows when removing characteristic 'Employee'.

Hope it helps 🙂

Best regards,


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