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How to change System/Install new license (SAP License, Hybris 5.5)??

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This page doesn't seem to cover this scenario.

Basically, we had SYSTEM CPS, which we were using for temporary development license.
We now want to install the permanent license, but the ./ won't let us change licenses midstream.

./ -install /Users/localdev/Projects/DevProj/DEV_HSQLD_Standard.txt

 This system's system number is "000000000312412586", but there is a license key
 for system number "000000000312497881" in file
 License key file /Users/localdev/Projects/DevProj/DEV_HSQLD_Standard.txt doesn't
 contain any valid SAP license keys.
 License key(s) not completely installed.

So how can we upgrade our license??

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You need also to remove the installedSaplicenses file. Retry installation after that.


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