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How to change back the name of a logical system

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I am trying to customizing intial download data transfer from ECC to CRM. But in outbound queue of ECC it is showing an error of SYSFAIL with description of logical system name changed. Given note 558701.

But I don't know old name of logical system.

1) Can you guys please help how to find the old logical system name there are many logical systems defined in my system.

2) and how to change it?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please compare the fields R3_LOGSYS & R3_GUID in the tables

CRMMLSGUID (CRM) and CRMPRLS (R3); These entries need to be identical

in order to ensure data replication from a copied R3 system and to

avoid the error that is supplied in the inbound queue.

The entries in table CRMMLSGUID (CRM) should equal those in CRMPRLS

(R/3), If they are different the error above will occur, in order to

correct this you will need to delete the entries in table CRMMLSGUID

directly through debugging or with a ABAP program.

Please delete the entries in table CRMMLSGUID and then restart the

SYSFAIL queue entry by pressing the 'activate' button.

I hope this information helps you.



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Hi srinivas,

there are 3 entries in CRMMLSGUID(crm) and 1 entry in CRMPRLS(r/3). There is an entry which they hav in common

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Thank you very much data is successfully transferred.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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1) Check the table CRMPRLS(R/3).It should have the right logcal system to download the data to CRM.

2) You can change the logical system by using the tcode BDLS.

Note: Pls do not try directly in production.

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Thank you very much.

in R3AS1 it is showing status is done.

But in I couldn't find my table in crm system.

It is displaying message table is not active in data dictionary

inbound queue is also not visible

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