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How to automatically populate the contract number in the field sales document number in IW52

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I am implementing SD module for our client.We don't want to go for a much of customization at this moment as scope of SD is very less.Client has a requirement that before inquiry there should be a step for sales requisition from where requirement for material and qnty to be sold will be raised from plant to Corporate HQ.This should be the first step for any sales process.What I have thought about is that creating a service notification through IW51 and putting this number in the reference field in the follow on documents manually so that there is a link as there is no provision to create an inquiry from notification in std.The process should be Notification->Inquiry->Quotation->Contract->Sales Order->Outb. delivery->Billing.

What client wants is that the contract number should get automatically populated in the sales document field in the IW51 screen once contract is created and this should automatically close the notification i.e status should be Completed.As I am new to this module I don't know how to implement this.Gurus Pls help.

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If I understood your requirement correctly you want to create inquiry and link that with service notification. In service notification there is a button for sales document. That is used for creating repair order with reference to service notification. what you can do is you can assign your inquiry type instead of repair order. I have not tested this but I am pretty confident that system would allow you to create inquiry using this button.

For assigning this you can run transaction OIM9 as explained in below link as well.

For auto completion of notification status I am not sure this would be possible. You might need to complete the status manually.

Let me know if you need more help in this.