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How do you remove a field from a particular view using the AET tool?.

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I have managed to add a new field into the view, but I need to remove/hide another field. I have moved the field I need removed right down to the bottom of the screen, but can see no way of physically removing/hiding it.

I also tried to drag the field from the screen back into the context area/list of fields, but that did not work either.

Is it me or is the AET both slow and a little dodgy. I have a number of javascript error messages get reported, but I managed to continue past them.

I'm using CRM 7, by the way.


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Answers (2)

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You need to go to the UI configuration either from the config tool from UI or you can also go through the Component workbench.

Once the UI configuration opens up you can choose between the displayed fields and Available fields.



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Hi Jason,

you have to differ between AET and Config Tool. AET can only generate fields. To make the fields available in the UI, you have to use Config Tool. So I believe, what are you talking about in this post ist Config Tool.

To remove fields in Config Tool, you can select the field and above the grid on the corner you can see "-" (Minus) Button.

This button is used to remove the selected field from the current configuration.



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Thanks for that Steve, I'll try that.

As you seem to be wise in the matter of the AET and config tool. When I access the AET I do not get to see the data element, but when a colleague of mine uses the AET tool he does get to see the data element. Do you what controls this?.

I can get away without the data element being present, but it a pain.

Best regards