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How do we create alphanumeric codes in custom key generator?

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I have used following configurations for creating alphanumeric codes: keygen.dispute.code.digits=8 keygen.dispute.code.start=00000001 keygen.dispute.code.type=alphanumeric keygen.dispute.code.template=D$

Please find details of bean definition:

 <property name="key" value="${}"/>
 <property name="digits" value="${keygen.dispute.code.digits}"/>
 <property name="start" value="${keygen.dispute.code.start}"/>
     <property name="type" value="${keygen.dispute.code.type}" />
 <property name="template" value="${keygen.dispute.code.template}"/>

Still I am getting numeric codes starting with 00000001. Please provide solution for this.

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Answers (1)

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I suspect that your problem is that the NumberSeries has already been created so your subsequent changes won't take effect.

You can try 'resetting' the series using the reset() method of PersistentKeyGenerator

There is some more detail here

Alternatively you could just change the key property so that it generates a new series.