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Help needed to generate new target group for contacts from BP Target Group

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In CRM 5.0, we have a functionality in which say we have created a target group (T1) for 10 BPu2019s (organization) and each of these BPu2019s have one or more contact persons associated to them. Now if I want to create a target group for all these contact persons associated to the 10 BPu2019s, in CRM 5.0 I have the option to right click on the target group (T1) and then I get an option u201C generate new target group from contactsu201D. By doing so another target group for all the contacts associated to those BPu2019s will be generated. I am not able to find out the similar option in CRM 2007 (web UI) where in I can create target group for contacts associated to BPu2019s (organization). There should be some work around for this requirement.

Please let me know how to achieve this requirement.



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Hi udaya,

we're also using that functionality in CRM 5.0. I think it would be worth a combined OSS message to get this functionality back in standard if it isn't there.

Best regards


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