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GATP (APO) Check results in ERP Sales order.

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Hi Gurus,

We have a requirement to get GATP results (Product Substitution) into ERP Sales order. Please note this is not CRM Sales Order we are dealing with. We are not able to populate product substitution into schedule line.

According to SAP, GATP/ATP happens automatically unlike CRM sales order which has a "ATP check" button. Standard SAP functionality for ERP SLO doesn't have "ATP" button.

My question is, when the automatic check happens in the background, will the ERP sales order populate the "product substitution" results ( assuming that product substitution is set up in APO) from APO into ERP SLO in the schedule line?

Do we need to integrate APO with CRM for ERP sales order?

For example if the order has requested quantity of 100 and only 60 is available, will APO-ATP/GATP (which happens automatically according to SAP in ERP SLO) populate rest of the 40 with product substitution into the schedule lines

Please advice if any of you guys faced similar issue or have implemented ERP Sales order with GATP check.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shree,

did you check the note 1236015 already? This note describes, which features are supported. For the product substitution and ATP mainly the automatic processing is supported.

Best Regards,


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Michael, thanks for you reply.

I already had this note with me.

We could not get the results in schedule lines and not sure if the automatic GATP is functioning as it should be, thats why we were wondering if we should be connecting to APO system.

If ATP is done automatically, is it connecting to APO via ECC to get APO results?



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