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FORECAST_REL field need to be blank default in opportunity header

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My requirment to make FORECAST_REL field blank default when new opportunity open to create,

i tried BADI "CRM_OPPORT_H_BADI" and Enhancement in Componen t" BT111H_OPPT/Details " ,no solution found.

please help,

regard ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vijay

Definitely there will be a BADI to reset the value of it. If you dont find anything

you can go for the below option. Follow this if you dont find any option only.

Try to set a flag when a new opportunity is created, export it to memory

or better if you take global variable and make it to 'X'.

Now go to component workbench, go to the corresponding attribute and in the SET_<attrname>

method try to import the flag which u set earlier and if it is 'X' then clear the value of <nval> at the

end. So that the blank value will be available in the field FORECAST_REL whenever a opportunity

is created.

Do not forget to clear the flag variable after the field <nval> has been reset.


<nval> = ' '.

clear v_flag.



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You can use badi CRM_OPPORT_H_BADI to develop your logic. Badi is triggered everytime when opportunity is used. In method CRM_OPPORT_H_MERGE you can play with command cs_opport_h_badi-forecast_rel = ' '.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I was using same method only this code is not enough,i have added one more field to opportunity header and enhance the BADI


my issue get resolved.