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Fact Sheet Connection

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When I launch the Fact Sheet from the Opp. Mgt PC UI I get the error below. The SAP_CRM system is configured correctly as it work for SSO.

Logical System Name: CD1CLNT111

Message Server:

Remote Host: 3

SAP Client: 111


Server Port: 8000

Works fine for SSO using the Load Balancing Par file for the SAP_CRM system. Also, the user has been assigned the CRM Default Services role.

Any ideas as I'm at a loss.



Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM TYPE=B GROUP=PUBLIC R3NAME=CD1 MSSERV=8000 PCS=1 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host ERROR The message received isn't from a message server. Are you really connected to the message server? Please check your connection parameters. ( / 8000) TIME Wed Jun 1 08:32:17 2005 RELEASE 640 COMPONENT MS (message handling interface, multithreaded) VERSION 4 RC -29 MODULE msxxi_mt.c LINE 2496 COUNTER 6

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Answers (4)

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I resolved this issue.

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Thanks but I already have this info. BW connectivity and templates are ready to go. However, the first iView for the Fact Sheet Summary page refers to the CRM system where you can select a given Account. Unfortunately I cannot select an account or pass the account info to BW from a opportunity because of this connectivity problem. The BW templates just render the text "no account select."

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Hi Kal,

We too decided to an alternate approach to modify the BSP by adding a button and then hyperlinking to BW templates.



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connection to BW system should be also configured,

and CRM data should be extracted.

In our implementation we have decided not to use the

factsheet workset from the business package but to

develop our own factsheet using Z BW web templates

developed in WAD and online reports to expose a ZBAPI

functions with Visual Composer (very quick and easy) and Web Dynpro ( a little more effort).

What do the others in the forum think on this workset and its use.


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Can you give me more information on the configuration for custom fact sheet components. I have a web template developed in WAD based on a custom BW Query. How can I access this in our fact sheet? Please advise. I did put configuration in CRM SPRO to point to the appropriate server and web template.

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Out of the box when you click on the Factsheet button it takes you to the Factsheet Summary Page as defined in the CRM Object Method to Role. This page contains an Account Selector iView and Multiple BW Report Wrapper iViews for a given BW WAD Template.

Two Options:

To add an additional iView you need to create a new par iView from ( and add the WAD Template ID, CRM Object ID for the Filter Value, and the Filter Object from BW.


Create a new page and add the Account Selector iView ( as a Delta Link and and create a new Par iView for the WAD Template as described above and add as Delta Link.