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Facebook campaign error on custom audience creation

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We have set up the facebook integration according to the integration guide.

In the Campaign, we can successfully authenticate. We can Release the campaign. We can see the Facebook Campaign ID and can navigate to it.

However, when the campaign is executed (custom audience is replicated), the following error occurs;

Rebuild of target group "2533471" started at "07.05.2020, 13:00:55 (CET)".
A rebuild was not necessary.
Target group xxx collected.

1 target groups successfully locked.

Rebuild is set up with retention period 8 (unit 'H').

TG 'xxx: Last rebuild not via UI at 07.05.2020, 09:01:19 (vs 0 / CUAN_INITIATIVE).

Last rebuild of TG xxx lies in retention period.

Rebuild of target group "2533471" finished successfully at "07.05.2020, 13:00:55 (CET)".

Usage of marketing areas in campaign execution is activated. See more

Inserted 0 identifiers with origin type email.

Inserted 0 identifiers with origin type phone.

Setting the OAuth 2.0 authorization code token failed with reason: No access token available for current user..

There was a problem creating a custom audience in Facebook.

What could be the problem here?



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The answer is no. I will give you a simple example.

There is one user use company email for user in Marketing Cloud. But he use a different email for Facebook account.

When authentication process is triggered from Campaign app via “Authenticate” button, the popup will ask user to select the email for Facebook access, and the email should be used. The authentication process will store the OAuth token and associate the token with this user in Marketing Cloud. The email is irrelevant to the authentication process in this case. Hope my explanation makes sense.

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Ok, but then my issue is not solved... I have been asking admins meanwhile to create a user for because I assumed that would then be the cause of the error...

However... It might be that the user who pressed "authenticate" was a different one than the one who started the campaign. I'll check that, thanks for the background info!

Hi Joyca

I would suggest to do a test with the following steps:

1. Create a new Facebook campaign

2. In edit mode, click on "authenticate" button to finish the authentication step and setup the OAuth token for your user

3. Go to automation tab and add a Target Group

4. Ensure that your user is marked as owner in the Collaboration tab, Members table

5. Start the campaign

Wait until the campaign execution is completed, and check if any error is raised in the campaign execution log.

If error related to OAuth 2.0 is not found in the test campaign. Then existing configuration setup for Facebook integration is fine, and the issue is related to campaign owner. The user set as the owner of the campaign need to authenticate again, to have the latest token in place.



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We figured out the "you'll need to agree to the terms" error:

this error was in the logs written on two lines:

You'll need to agree to the Custom Audience termsbefore you can create or edit an audience of CUSTOM type. To accept, go to

8765432. (Code:200 /Subcode:1870034)

And we needed to re-assemble the url that was split on the two lines to go to the correct Accept page...

Then afterwards we got another error

Unsupported post request. Object with ID 'act_123456789098765' does not exist, cannot be loaded dueto missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation

But that was seemingly related to the size of our audience (3 test contacts) because this error disappeared when sending an audience of 3.000 contacts.

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Hi Joyca, I have no idea I am afraid. I will suggest that you create an incident in



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Sigh, feels like running in circles... after doing the Authenticate again with the campaign owner, this error appears:

"You'll need to agree to the Custom Audience termsbefore you can create or edit an audience of CUSTOM type. To accept, go to ..."

But we already did accept those terms. When going to that link again, we cannot accept, because we already accepted.

Any ideas manigwa.witenkate ?

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Hi manigwa.witenkate ,

Thank you for your fast reply!

Those 5 steps are exactly what we have done. It was that campaign execution log that I posted.

Question on step 2:

Is it required that the Current User in Marketing Cloud, has the same email address as the user that you are Authenticating facebook with? (because in the current case, the current user in marketing has and in facebook we authenticate with )