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Error while sending quote from CPQ to Commerce

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We have issues and are getting the below Error

Error Message:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><error xmlns="h_ttp://"><code>hook_not_found</code><message xml:lang="en">PostPersistHook [sapCpiInboundQuoteEmailNotificationPostPersistenceHook] does not exist. Payload will not be persisted.</message><innererror>0000490168|-1</innererror></error>

We tried to search the extension for the hook class marked in red but we are not getting it anywhere in 1905 hybris zip extracts.

We are only able to get this mentioned in one place in SAP help portal but not any specific extension

Even the information in this document related to business process (sap-cpi-quote-email-notification-process.xml) and Vendor Email template is not present in codes.

We are using Hybris 1905.13

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