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I understand from a colleague that I should be using AXTSYS to create my new fields. Previously I have been using EEWB.

I have a number of questions regard AXTSYS though, as I've never used it. Firstly, does anyone have a guide/docuemnt on AXTSYS.

Secondly, does it give full control of where you create any nerw fields?. For example, when I created a new field using teh EEWB and the BUPA structure it created the new field okay, but when I attempted to place in the assignment block using the UI tool I found that the new field was held under the HEADER context node rather than the STANDARDADDRESS context node. Can I assume that there is some control over this when using AXTSYS?

I attempted to use AXTSYS but it will not accept my Z package name,even though it does exist and has been previously used. Has anyone hit this same problem. I think this tool is troubled anyway because when I enter * and F4 in against the Package I get nothing and yet when I just hit F4 I can see all the packages, including the one that I want to use. So, once selectingthe correct Package I can not get past the next to fields and Save.

Any help wouuld me greatly appreciated.

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Account can only be enhanced on the header level.

When you start AET from config tool, you will get AET Overview Page that shows enhanced Object Account.

When you now create new field, you have to select an enhanced object part.

In the selection list, you will see only BUT000, which is the header.

In your case, although you start the config tool by selecting the address assignment block. It does not mean, that you enhance the address.