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DNL_CUST_PROD1 - Initial load error

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Hello Experts,

I am performing initial load of DNL_CUST_PROD1 and getting the below error in SMQ2 (inbound queue) in CRM.  Kindly help to resolve the issue so that the initial load will be successful.

Error is - Hierarchy R3PRODHIER may only be changed in the original system.

I have checked various SCN replies, but none of them are helpful to resolve the exact issue.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Dnyanesh,

The error is normally caused because that the hierarchies and categories have already been replicated  from an R/3 system that is different than in table COMM_HIERARCHY (see LOGSYS). As a consequence of this there is now a mismatch between the environments.

In order to resolve this error, please run the program COM_HIERARCHY_DELETE_ALL which will delete all the existing hierarchies and categories in the CRM system. Then repeat the initial load of object DNL_CUST_PROD1. Please note that it is NOT recommended to process this report on your production system.

Please see KBA 1943617 for more information.

Best regards,

Julin Xin

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