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Displaying On-premise Data on Cloud for Customer

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I have a scenario where I need to display some ECC data on the C4C screen. We are using HCI as our middleware. I have enhanced the account screen to add a new tab/facet to display these fields as they are dependent on the account. See table view below this is where the values will show on c4c. I created an action which gets triggered on the OnFire event.

The ECC web service takes as input Account ID and Sales area of the account to return a table as the result.

I have drafted what the iflow should look like, see below

My question is what service must I provide from the C4C side to be able to map the c4c request to the ECC request and again for the mapping of the ECC result to the C4C result.

How do I create the C4C web service which will provide the input as required by ECC and also the output so i can achieve the correct mapping.

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