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Different deliver to in the items of the order

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I create an order in the B2B*

I select Deliver To 1 in item 10, I select another Deliver To 2 in item 20.

I save the order.

I reopen the order.

I saw old value in the item 20! I saw that changes are not saved!

Does anybody use this functionality? Can I use different Deliver To in the items?

Is it works?


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Can I use different Deliver To in the items?

Yes. It works.

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Hi, Easwar.

Thanks for answer)

I understand that is should work)

I try to choose another Deliver To in the any item.

I saved order. I reopened the order and I saw that Deliver To is NOT Changed.


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What is the backend for the scenario? ECC or CRM.

The steps the way you explained works fine in B2B scenario with CRM backend.

Try clicking "Update" after changing the item ship-to and follow that with the "Save" or "Order".

From what you've told here, it seems that you are using an existing order (orderstatus object) and trying to change the item ship-to.

Did you check the same business case either in SAPGUI or WebUI? For the scenario you have explained, is the partner function and the partner determination configured as "Ship-to partner can be changed"?

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Thank you)