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Delta change of Title in Account Page is not replicating to R3 from CRM

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Hi All,

I have defined titles 'Mr, Mrs, Ms, M/S, Mrs, Miss, Dr. and company" under the CAC- Form of Address in CRM and ECC.

When i create a customer in CRM for the first time with the title then the title is replicating to ECC  but when i try to update the Title again it is not replicating to ECC system form CRM but updated title of the customer is saved in CRM but not replicating to R3. and if i update any other fields in the CRM account page then these fields are replicating and updated in ECC.

For Eg: If i create a customer for the first time with title "i.e Mr. Andrew"and try to replicate, then "Mr. Andrew" is replicated to ECC but when i try to update the Title as "Dr." then In CRM it is saved as" Dr. Andrew" but it is not replicated to ECC and in the ECC System it still shows as "Mr.Andrew" instead of showing "Dr. Andrew".

I have checked for BDoc in SMW01, and also checked for Queues in SMQ1 & SMQ2 but i couldn't find any BDOC message (error/message) and Queues. System is not generating the BDOC for the title update which i have done. but system should create BDOC if we change the title right? but here it doesn't.

Please let me know what i have missed.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hello Arun,

Probably there is no chnage pointer activated for the field change you have done. since, as you say the B-doc is not getting created.


Try doing some other chnage which triggers the B-doc creation, this would caryy the title values. If this works, then set the chnage pointer for the title field with the help of technical consultant.

hope this helps !!