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Datahub - hybris to SAP order (partnerCode)

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Hello all,

I am sending an order from hybris to datahub and to SAP.

I noticed that the partnerCode is empty in the datahub raw-items (/datahub-webapp/v1/raw-items/122)

Thus the partnerCode was not mapped correctly in datahub.

How do we ensure that the partnerCode is received correctly from hybris into datahub?

I am on

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Look at the class, it is responsible for filling that value.

 final String b2cCustomer = b2CCustomerHelper.determineB2CCustomer(order);
 final String sapcommon_Customer = b2cCustomer != null ? b2cCustomer : order.getStore().getSAPConfiguration().getSapcommon_referenceCustomer();
 row.put(PartnerCsvColumns.PARTNER_CODE, sapcommon_Customer);
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Many thanks for the hint.

I went through the codes and realized that my powertools custom storefront is a B2C channel. Hence it was trying to evaluate the partnerCodes as a B2C customer.

Had to update the powertools storefront into a B2B channel ( Point 7 and Point 16

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I went into the hmc > business process and looked at the messages

DEBUG [DefaultRawHybrisOrderBuilder]..... However i don't see partnerCode in the [DefaultRawHybrisOrderBuilder]..

What is the field that is missing in my customer in hybris? the customer was replicated from ERP though..

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Hi Jay,

Can you check the customer reference number mentioned under the base store configuration in HMC ?