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Data in BOL?

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Hello Experts!

Would anybody Please let me know how the data is being fetched into the BOL and then onto the view @ the runtime of UI and also let me know how the data is updated to the database resulting from the user actions on the UI?



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The BOL and GenIL essentially refer to the layers that handles the user interface in SAP CRM.

The GenIL (Generic Interaction Layer) consists of one implementation class that always derives from one of the two classes and implements a set of methods to provide the functionality. GenIL is like a bridge between the backend APIs and the UI i.e. for

a given UI, it identifies which APIs need to be called and also re-formats data accordingly.

The BOL (Business Object Layer) consists of upto 7 different kinds of objects that are defined in a model. At runtime, the BOL layer will hold data that is used on the UI. BOL provides a consistent way of modelling data so that data access is consistent and the UI can also be built faster.

This is just a brief information - you need to go through details documents to understand this in detail. SAP CRM comes with a sample genIL implementation that can be found in CRM_GENIL_SAMPLE package. You can check this package to see how GenIL and BOL layers can be implemented.

for more in formation check below links........