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Custom tab title in 1 order transaction

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Hi All,

I'm working on CRM 5.0 .

I'm trying to set the tab title for a custom tab in the 1 order transaction for specific order types ( specific Services based on process type ) .

I use the BADI CRM_CUSTOMER_H_BADI which has a method CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SET_TITLE which I'm using to set the title and the SET_SCREEN to set the custom screen where I can do all my coding for the new tab .

The issue here is that I want my tab title to be dependent on the proccess type that I select and I have my code in the CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SET_TITLE implementation to dynamically set the title.This does not work .

The system calls the BADI NOT when the CRM Order is created or changed ( after u selected the action create/change ) but when you enter the 1 order transaction ( CRMD_ORDER) and just ONCE !!!!

The system holds the guid of the last accessed order's proccess type and if there no last order accessed then it determines a guid for a default proccess type .

Eitherway the title is based on the last order and not the current one scenario .

log in

go to transaction crmd_order or /nCRMD_BUS2000116 .

No selection done ... immedieately BADI for title gets called .

If you do a CRM_INTLAY_GET_HEADER_GUID you get a guid and if u get the proccess type CRM_ORDERADM_H_READ_OW u get ICSS ( which is the default in my case ). Note that I have not selected my process type at this stage .

I select my proccess type SC31 and enter into the order

So the Title is not set in the BADI as it is not the right proccess type . So the system sets the new tab title as 'Customer fields'.

Now if you just come out of the transaction and get back in , the system knows the last accessed order proccess type LAC care plan ( SC31 ) .

the BADI gets called and gets the appropriate title as the last accessed order was relevant for the proccess type SC31 .

The BADI is called just once when u enter the transaction and not when you change the order . So change to order will not change the Title automatically unless u select the order

and then come out and back in .

Any inputs highly appreciated !!



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I don't think you can change the title by using that BADI. If you are aware of the concept of EEWB, the custom tabs will be created mainly using EEWB. Once you use EEWB and generate and custom tab and if you want to make changes depending on process type, then we can use the screens and BADI's that are generated automatically by EEWB. To access those screens and BADI's, just check the function group with the name ZCRM_BTX_EEW*.

If you have any concerns, please let me know.