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CRM PCUI custom tab does not work on Accounts

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I have created some custom fields using EEWB in BP. I wanted to create a new tab and add these fields to this new tab. I created a tab in Accounts application, added a field group containing custom fields to the tab. Generated layout for the field group.

I can see the tab on the Accounts, BUT when I click on the tab, I get an error 'page can not be displayed'.

I have created custom tabs on Opportunity application and I am well aware of the custom tab creation process. On accounts application, I followed same steps but for some reason custom tab is not working.

Any idea gurus?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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have you added your event (tab page) to the layout of the application in crmc_blueprint_c ?



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Answers (5)

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Hi Parimal

I am trying to add a new custom Tab Page in the Opportunity. In this thread you have mentioned that you have successfully done it for opportunity.

I am stuck up in the middle can you help me out.

These are the steps I have followed.

Step 1: Created a custom structure.

Step 2: Assigned the custom structure to a new field group created.

Step 3: In the Tab Page group structure I have imported all the default view and copied them to the new custom View.

Step 4: I have created an event and also the navigation method.

I am able to see the Tab Page but no fields getting displayed

Also I know that I should define a custom MAC inheriting the existing class and implement my method but I am not sure which MAC to copy and where to implement these methods.

Can you please help me out.




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I actully need to define application layout in crmc_blueprint_c instead of crmc_blueprint. I was using incorrect structure for my custom field group.

Thank you people for ur answer though.

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Hi Manuel,

Thanks for the reply.

In st22 I am getting a run time dump DYN_COMP_ILLIGAL with error message CX_SY_TABLE_KEY_SPECIFICATION.

Details are :

The following statement allows you to declare components dynamically in this way:

- CREATE DATA ItabRef ... WITH KEY (CompTab) ...

The table contains the invalid component name "OBJECT_KEY". The name is invalid

for one of the following reasons:

- The corresponding type has no component "OBJECT_KEY".

- The component name "OBJECT_KEY" was not declared in uppercase.

- "OBJECT_KEY" is an internal table. You cannot use an internal table as a key.

- "OBJECT_KEY" contains an offset/length declaration or a declaration in the


"A->B". Only simple component names, such as A-B-C, are allowed,


- "OBJECT_KEY" contains significant closing spaces (which are only possible in

STRING types). Component names, however, doe not end with closing spaces

Per error it looks like it is not being able to find tab related layout entry, but I have already provided one entry. So I am kind of lost about why it is not being able to see the entry.

Any clue guys?

Hi Manuel,

You are right this forum has been a lots lots of helpful in giving me direction and resolving my issues. As far as I remember, I did awarded points for helpful answers. Still I will go through my previous posts to make sure. Do I need to take additional step to close the post though?

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Hi Bhat,

Looks like you have considered the EEWB created Fieldgroup as main field group ( 32 char name ) and assigned in the lay out. That may be the cause of the problem. And also your MAC is unable to handle the EEWB fields.

Whenever you create fields in EEWB it adds the fields to an exixting fieldgroup itself.In accounts case it adds to the ACC*01 fieldgroup. So ,Use that field group itself as main in your custom tab and display only the newly added fields.

Hope this resolves your problem.


Abdul raheem S

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Hi Bhatt,

The Accounts application is another PCUI application and the bsp application is the same ( CRM_BSP_FRAME ). Review your customizing carefully. Try to see in the ST22 ,maybe you have a dump breve in your system.



PD: Bhatt you have a lot of post in this forum and you dont close it and dont give the points to the answers. Help to the forum because the forum help you Thx

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Hi Micheal,

Yes I have added the application layout entry in the crmc_blueprint_c.

Interesting observation I want to share though.

For Opportunity application, I was being able to see all standard application layout entries in crmc_blueprint_c transaction.

While for Accounts application, I did not see standard application layout entries in the crmc_blueprint_c transaction.

Is it that SAP does not allow to add customization for the Accounts application?

Any clues?