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I have the following scenario where I belive the CRM_ORDER_SAVE is not working correctly.We have a scenario where from R/3 system we update the user status of CRM contract through RFC call.The RFC call to CRM is made from one of the workflow step of R/3 system.Unfortunately we observe that sometime when the rfc call is made to crm and it try to change the status in CRM it does not work and CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and CRM_ORDER_SAVE does not return any exception.I am not able to pinpoint the problem,the suprising thing is if I call the RFC not from Workflow but execute from SE37 in R/3,it always works.Please note that in workflow debug mode also it works...only if am not in debug mode it does not work.Any expert advice is most welcome.Please help.



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Are the authorizations the same for the foreground and background user of the call? Are you using the middleware RFC destination for CRM or some other destination. The only thing I can think of right now is that your authorizations are different depending on how you are connecting.

Can you provide some more information on how you make the RFC call, destination used and type of user?

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Workflow problems are often related to time issues. Since WFs are event based, there are times the WF launches before the sales order is saved to the database. It's too fast and the program tries to change the status too soon.

When you are running in debug or SE37 you are much slower, so everything works fine.

Authorizations is the first step to check, but when all other options are cleared, time is usually the guilty party.

Do a "Wait 60 seconds" command at the start of the workflow and see what happens.