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CRM Marketing Campaign Status

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I created a user status profile. After I choose this profile in a campaign, the user status as well as the system status are displayed. So how can the system status be hidden? I read in some threads that this is not possible?! But it is very confusing for the user this way. So, is there a way to make it possible?

After changing the status (in ePortal), the previous status remain displayed in the status field (e.g. I have a campaign with the status "Created; Approved; Rejected"). I also checked SAP demo system; here it is configured the same. Is it possible to customize a campaign, so that just one status (e.g. "Created") is shown?



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U can do the same form user status configuration, in here you provide upper count and lower count against each status, which means that only status between lower and upper count are visible and rest are not.

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