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CRM Checklist Functionality

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Hi Gurus

I have 2 questions regarding this "Checklist" functionality.

Documentation indicates it can only be used in Service scenarios.

  • Does this Include "Business Activity" or "Task" Transaction Types?

Documentation also indicates that Checklists can be manually added to a Transaction.

  • So does this mean I can add an individual Checklist item?
    • Or when I manually add a Checklist it makes all items in the configured checklist visible
      • If this is the case can I then have multiple configured Checklists which have 1 step in each of them, and then I can select a number of these checklists manually?

Please advise

Kind Regards


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Hi Panduranga,

  • You can use the checklist functionality in 'Business activity' transaction types.
  • Your second question is not clear, the functionality is such that

   Standard offers 2 types of Checklists:

      1. Simple Checklists

      2. Decision based Checklists

    In both cases, One Checklist ID can contain multiple checklist step-ids.


Bharath Bhushan Bogi Setty