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CRM BP Names to ECC Customer Names

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We are replicating business partners from CRM to ECC. We have an issue in replicating the names as follows:

In CRM only the first Name + Last Name flows to ECC or if the Full Name is maintained then only fullname flows to ECC(but not firstname, last name and full name seperately).

Is there any mapping in CRM or ECC so that more than 1 name flows from CRM to ECC.

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Hi Shridhar,

This is more of a master data issue htan middleware, but I found the following explanation which may help:

It's about the way how full name displayed in Web UI fetches its

value. If you haven't manually maintained full name, instead you only

maintained first/last name in BP transaction, then the displayed name

in Web UI search is equal to first and last name combined. In this case,

in table BUT000, you can find the field NAME1_TEXT(full name) is empty.

Also, for any created BP, the field BUT000-PERSNUMBER contains value

linking to an entry in table ADRP, in the correpsonding entry of ADRP,

you can see field NAME_TEXT(full name) is generated but there's a

field 'CONVERTED', indicating whether full name is manually maintained

or automatically generated. Since you haven't maintained fully name

manually, 'CONVERTED' is empty.

If you have maintained full name manually, the displayed name in Web

UI is directly reading the field full name instead of first/last name.

Please also note that there's no link between first/last name and

full name in table BUT000.So when you change first/last name, full name

doesn't get changed accordingly, which is why the displayed name in Web

UI doesn't change. In this case, as you can see, in BUT000, the field

NAME1_TEXT is not empty, and in the corresponding entry in ADRP,

field CONVERTED becomes 'M', which indicates manually maintaining of

full name.


So to resolve the issue, you need to delete those manually maintained

full name.

I hope ti sis helpful.


Edited by: Brian Patterson on Feb 14, 2012 8:46 PM

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the quick response.

Actually what we are looking for is:

1. We want to replicate 2 names from CRM BP person to XD01 customer (say one in English and other in German).

2. So we maintain first name and last name in English which will replicate to ECC xd01 as Name1.

We maintain middlename in German and how it can replicate to ECC xd01 customer as Name 2 or Name 3.

We do not necessarily want full name to replicate, basically we want 2 names (1 in Enlish and 2nd in German) to ECC.

Edited by: Shridhar Deshpande on Feb 15, 2012 10:54 AM

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Hi Brian ,

Many thanks for the pointers. Since we are using the standard account group as 0170(consumer) we are able to replicate all the names from CRM to ECC. I need a one more clarification from you. Will there be any impact of consumer on the normal XD01 customer on the sales transactions like quotation, Sales order, billing etc.