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CRM 7.0 -> Mailing List -> CL_SEGED_SE_EFSET_CN00 -> GET_V_SET_TYPE execp

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Hi All,

i am facing an issue in CRM 7.0 where in Mailing List geeting exception message

Cannot display view SEGED_SET/EFSET of UI Component SEGED_SET

An exception has occurred Exception Class CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL - Dereferencing of the NULL reference


once i debug i find out under Get_v_set_type LR_entity is not getting the value.

its go to class CL_BSP_WD_COLLECTION_WRAPPER where in method 'IF_BOL_BO_COL~GET_CURRENT' check for collection is not bound and its come out from method,

might be this is the resion if yes please let me know what i have to do because its standard code.

if there is other solution please provide me.

Thanks in Advance.



Edited by: san kumar on Jul 21, 2010 4:00 PM

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Answers (2)

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Hi Panigiri,

No we didnt to any enhancement in component SEGED_SET.

i dont know where i can change the value for SET_TYPE and try to solve it.




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Hi Kumar,

Dereferencing is due to a null pointer assignment. That means there is no reference exist to an object pointing to.

Whatever your guess is absolutely correct.

But, have you applied any enhancement to the component SEGED_SET?

The same is working fine for me.