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Credit card payment in hospitality mode

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we develop credit card payment plugin,

in hospitality mode I cant see credit card payment at all, is there no option to pay with credit card in this mode?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nir,
you can find the answer at SAP KBA 2680362 "Credit Card Payment" is not available when you start using the Kiosk or Hospitality mod....

By default the Quick Selections "showCardPaymentButton" is not defined.

To enable the the Credit Card Payment option please proceed as follows:
1. In the CCO Manager GoTo > POS Configuration >> Quick selections<
2. <Edit> your Quick selection and in the the box "Extended Javascript enter value" "showCardPaymentButton":true
3. <Save> your entries..

Via the KBA you can find all the details.

If your question in answered, kindly select the answer as “Right Answer”. This helps others to follow and easily locate answers.

Best Regards,

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