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Contacts: Flag Contacts for Deletion Issue

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Hi Experts,

Hybris Marketing cloud.

I want to delete the contact along with its interaction records in Hybris Marketing and to do this i know there are two steps approach:1.Contacts: Flag Contacts for Deletion and 2.Contacts: Delete Flagged Contacts.

So i first executed the step1 in productive mode by providing input equal to contact ID and excuted the job. The job log says that "1 IDs flagged for deletion" and with out executing the step 2, If i check in the Contact work center,contact is getting deleted. As per standard process, ID should get deleted only after executing step2. but it is happening with step1 itself.

Could you please provide any inputs on this issue.

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards,


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Dear Karthik,

Let me explain you here:-

Once you mark a contact as 'ToBeDeleted' or 'Deleted' means that you don't want to use it anymore and telling the system on 1st step that don't use this contact anymore and show as deleted. System, will actually archive that contact on the 2nd step.

Check Videos:

Hope this clarifies.


Kunal Bansal

SAP Marketing Cloud, Consultant

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Hi Kunal,

Thanks for the information.

But still I have one more concern here that, As per your information, I understand that first job (Contacts: Flag contacts for deletion) itself deleting the contacts from system and second job (Contacts: Delete flagged contacts) actually will make contacts archive permanently.

If I understood correctly and this is the standard process, I found different behavior for other job (Contacts: Flag contact ID for deletion). When I executed the first job (Contacts: Flag contact IDs for deletion), it is just flagging the contact IDs for deletion and when I complete the 2nd job (Contacts: Delete flagged contact IDs), then only contact IDs are deleting from the system.

Please provide your inputs for further understanding.



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Hi karthik p ,

It's expected and standard behavior. When you're archiving and then deleting your interaction contacts, you have two options:

1) Archive/delete golden record (hence all dependent facets and facet data)

2) Archive/delete some specific facet/facet data (Contact ID's)

So first case in this discussion, you're probably referring to golden records. That's why you don't see any interaction contact after you run those two data aging reports.

However, in second case, you're only archiving/deleting some specific contact ID's (facets and facet data) but not whole interaction contact (golden record) - of course I'm assuming that those facets & facet data are not the only ones contribute to golden records

This means that you may still see those interaction contacts after you run these two data aging reports with reference to contact ID's. Because, in SAP Marketing fundemental concept, one interaction contact may be consist of several facets & facet data thus bears several different contact ID's (Web shop customer ID, SAP Cloud for Customer business partner, SAP S/4 HANA business partner etc). For the whole golden record/facet/facet data concept to have more comprehensive overview, please kindly refer to this documentation as it holds some clear examples.

Let me know if you have still inquiries,

Best Regards,

Hakan Köse