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Configuaration steps of Integration of CRM Service Managment and CO.

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Hi Guru's,

I am looking for Detailed configuration steps of CRM Service Managment Integration with Controlling. Please forward me if any documenation apartfrom


Odaiah Pelley

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Odaiah,


Customizing in SAP CRM</b>

1) Revenue recognition for a value contract with a target value is service-related; for other contracts revenue recognition is time-related.

To define the type of revenue recognition, use IMG activity Customer Relationship Management ->Transactions-> Basic Settings ->Define Transaction Types.

If revenue recognition is to be service-related, select C in the Quantity/Value Contract field for the transaction type Service Contract. Otherwise, leave the field blank.

2) If a target value exists in a service contract, it is used to calculate planned revenue. A condition type is required to determine the revenue account.

To determine the revenue account, use the IMG activity Customer Relationship Management ->Transactions -> Basic Settings-> Define Item Categories.

For item category SAP Standard Service Contract Item (standard Customizing: SCN), choose an appropriate condition type in the Condition Type field for business transaction category Sales.

In the same IMG activity, choose a billing-relevant entry in the Bill. Relevance field.


Customizing in SAP ECC</b>

1) Define the controlling type and level for the CRM transaction type for the service contract.

Use the activity: Integration with Other Components-> Customer Relationship Management-> Settings for Service Processing-> Controlling Integration ->Establish Controlling Type, Controlling Level, and Controlling Scenarios.

At item level, select Single-object controlling so that each service contract item can be assigned to an internal order and the accrual quantity for each item can be saved. The leading transaction type is the service contract.

1.1) Create a record for the CRM transaction type Service Contract with:

a) Leading BT Type: <Transaction type for service contract>

b) Controlling Type: Single-Object controlling

c) Controlling Level: Item

1.2) Assign a controlling scenario that contains a results analysis key and a costing variant. The results analysis key is saved in the internal order and is required for the analysis of results. The costing variant is necessary to calculate and save the planned revenue for the internal order.

2) Define Customizing for results analysis:

For Customizing for the results analysis, use the IMG activities under: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Controlling ->Product Cost Controlling -> Cost Object Controlling-> Product Cost by Sales Order -> Period-End Closing ->Results Analysis.

Revenue recognition for SAP CRM service contracts copies the percentage of completion from the CRM service contract. In SAP ECC, you must create the statistical key figure ABGMNG from the key figure category Total Values. As a unit for the statistical key figure, you could select %, for example. This key figure in SAP ECC is updated by period from SAP CRM. The appropriate results analysis method is 05, the Quantity-Based POC Method, together with the quantity base C. This determines the percentage of completion from the values of the statistical key figure ABGMNG.

The planned revenue is transferred to allow the period split to document the changes to the planned revenue. This enables any changes to the planned revenues by period to be used for the evaluation. If you want to enable this:

&#9675; Review SAP Note 712930.

&#9675; Create a customer enhancement project for customer enhancement 2 of the results analysis, according to SAP Note 26957.

&#9675; In customer enhancement 2, add coding according to SAP Note 1019177.

&#9675; In the valuation method, select the valuation basis 0 (number zero) or another number between 1 and 9, in line with the code in the customer enhancement.

If the percentage of completion is only to be used for revenue recognition and the costs are not to be accrued:

&#9675; Assign the line IDs for the costs in Customizing for results analysis to the category D update.

&#9675; Review SAP Note 495279.

&#9675; Create a customer enhancement project for customer enhancement 7 of the results analysis, according to SAP Note 198983.

&#9675; In customer enhancement 7, add coding according to SAP Note 1019177.

Best Regards,

Pratik Patel

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