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Collection of extended Media item is not displayed in smartedit

I have a attribute type of Collection f extended Media as part of MyComponent. When I am trying to update this component from Smartedit. This attribute's value is not getting returned under the CMS API. I have tried to debug API where I found that AttributeDesriptor is getting loaded under the TypeModel but values of this attribute is not working under DefaultCMSItemConverter

 protected List<AttributeDescriptorModel> getAttributes(final ComposedTypeModel composedType)
         /* we only persist properties for which a converter was found */
         return getComposedTypeToAttributeCollectionConverter().convert(composedType).stream()
                 .filter(attribute -> attribute.getPartOf() || getAttributeStrategyConverter().getContentConverter(attribute) != null)

there is some issue in this section. API:

 /cmswebservices/v1/types?code=MyComponent&mode=DEFAULT (To get all attribute and its description)
 /cmswebservices/v1/sites/ozexport/cmsitems/hhsdahhuoiuoiuxx(id of my component and to fetch values of attributes)


         <collectiontype code="MyMediaList" elementtype="MyMedia" autocreate="true" generate="true" type="list" />  
     <itemtype code="MyCollectionComponent" generate="true"
         <description>Extends existing type with additional attributes.</description>
             <attribute type="MyMediaList" qualifier="mediaComponents">
                     <persistence type="property" />
                     <modifiers read="true" write="true" search="true" optional="true" />
                     <description>The is Media associated with component</description>
     <itemtype code="MyMedia"
             extends="Media" autocreate="true" generate="true">
                 <attribute qualifier="title" type="localized:java.lang.String">
                     <persistence type="property" />
                     <modifiers optional="true" read="true" write="true" search="true" />

Please help me on this and version 6.7

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did you fix this? i have more or less the same issue.

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