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Claim Submission : Cannot set status 'Completed'

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We are implementing an Invoice Claim scenario, the status for the Claim Submission cannot be set to completed. We are using the standard status profile CRMCSD.

The Report 'CRM_CLA_CLOSE' is only applicable for Dispute scenarios and does not work for Invoice scenario. Any help suggestions will be highly appreciated.

On analysis we have found:

  • there is an callback event 'CRM_CLA_CSD_COMPLETED_EC' for Status I1005 that prevents showing the Completed status in the dropdown.
  • On deleting the Callback event or updating Status through an ABAP report, I get an error, that the follow up document(Claim) is not Completed. The claim is Approved and Settled.
  • The Claim has the status profile CRMCSR, and on updating the status profile to to set status Completed, when it is Approved, allows the CSD to be closed successfully. However, the Claims cannot be Corrected/Cancelled/Reversed.


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