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CDC use case with custom front end

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Hello All,

We've got a use case of not using the CDC screen-sets, instead using a custom-developed front-end, however we'd like to use CDC for all backend related activity involving registering, logging in, password resets and password validation, as well as redirection onto another webpage.

Besides the official documentation containing the API references, are there any references available (like a reference app?)


David V.

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Thank you both for your helpful responses.

We are also thinking of embedding the screen-sets, however what's keeping us back are styling possibilities, as we would like the screensets to fit into the theme of the website, and the screenset examples I've seen so far looked very generic.

Are there some customer website references of customers using CDC, or a showcase of what's possible with CDC screensets in terms of styling, also using more CSS elements like a collapsible div?

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If one should use the screen sets or go with a headless approach (own frontend application) depends on how much additional UI behavior beyond what the default screen sets offers the customer wants.

With a few tricks, it's not too complex to add custom elements using JS and directly editing the screen set DOM. Restyling the existing components is also not that much of a deal.

However, my personal rule of thumb is that if a customer wants more than 5-7 custom UI elements (new behavior) or a completely different UX than anything shown in the CDC demos, you are better off implementing a separate frontend long-term.

Another approach is to start with embedded screen sets and then replace them with self-implemented components over time for a quick time to market, while not ending with some "Frankenstein application" that is hard to maintain and almost impossible to extend in the end.

Hope this helps,
Sebastian Schuck

Edit: You also have the choice to integrate using the JS WebSDK which is fine unless you intend to implement completely different user flows. Then you are better off directly integrating with the REST API. However, the second option will require in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of CDC and a lot more implementation time.

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Thank you Sebastian for your feedback, very helpful.

I will check out how far the default screenset styling can go as I definitely prefer a quick time to market and a much lower TCO, especially that we are just starting out with this tech.

The JS WebSDK would then be my alternative, in case the screeenset prove being inefficient.

I was wondering whether someone amassed (if not Gigya themselves) a demo of CDC screensets, so that I could see what they can do? So far I've only seen default CDC screensets being embedded onto websites.