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CCO Select print format by the user

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In an installation that we are starting up we need a user to decide which printing format he wants, A4 or 80mm, at the time of issuing an invoice,

Is that possible in any way?

If not, what would be the easiest alternative to implement?

If I select both formats as active, when the ticket is made, both are printed.

We have reviewed the template printing options, making these changes;

- Configuring the two formats as active and that one of them is not printed automatically (A4)

- And setting that the one that does not print automatically (A4) is only printed when the reprint button is pressed. The other (80mm) is left without reprint.

So we have only achieved that;

- At the end of a ticket, always print it in 80mm

- If we want A4 we press reprint

But this does not reach what the client needs, since;

1.- There is an impression that always comes out although it is not necessary. - 80mm, if the one you want is A4

2.- If you need to reprint the 80mm one that we leave automatic, it is not possible.

In the POS program that the customer currently has, they have an option that when printing each ticket, it asks the user what format they want to use. Something like this is what we would need. Is there a way to achieve something similar?


Juan Ramón

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