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C4C: Customer field with n possible values using Key User Tool

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Hi experts,

we have the following problem:

In the customer-screen (or anywhere near, where we can build a connection to a specific customer), we want to store customer-specific numbers in a customer-field, that can possibly have a 1:n-relationship to the customer number. To be specific, let's say the field should contain contract account number.

If we search by one of the n contract account numbers, we would like to get the one customer number. We did not find a solution to do this by using the Key User Tool.

My Question: Is there a solution with the Key User Tool?

Some Remarks:

* This is a rather generic demand by our customers, so using prespecified fields for contract account numbers won't help in general.

* We tried to do it using Marketing attributes, but with them the search does not support full free text search, because we have to add a search value to the search.

* If you only see a solution by using SDK, then feel free to let us know a solution.

Many thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jens,

I hope you are doing fine.

According to I understand about your note you can to it using an Extension Field, and so use the Enterprise Search to search the contract number, and it will return your account.

Note that you need to turn the field available to be found using Enterprise Search by the “Further Usage” of this Extension Field.

Let me know if it helped you. J

Best Regards,

Khayan Padilha

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