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ATP check in R/3 gives popup for partners

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When we do an ATP check from CRM in R/3 we get a popup from R/3 for all the partner functions that have been assigned multiple times the the sold-to. These are not even mandatory partner. Can we avoid this? Is there a middleware parameter that can be set?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Pascal,

Middleware setting is only to activate the ATP call from CRM to R/3. It has nothing to do with the pop-ups you are getting. I don't remember on top of my head how to eliminate this situation. I think when you call ATP, the system is validating the partner functions. Check partner determination profile assigned to the transaction type. I believe you need to make some changes to the partner profile. Are you getting these pop-ups only for a particular transaction type?

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Paul Kondaveeti

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The middle ware parameter for availability check is valid. In transaction SM30 table view SMOFPARSFA key :R3A_COMMON

Middle ware parameter :

Param. value: ur R/3 syt(GE1clnt100)

Param. value:X=R/3(version)(4.6c)


Diana Dias

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